Wednesday, April 6, 2011


     Alien Breed
     Booga-Boo (2)
     Burgertime (Burgerland)
     Cannon Fodder
     Chronos: A Tapestry of Time
     Cookie (2)
     Cookie (3)
     Cybernoid 2: The Revenge
     Donkey Kong Jr.
     Elite The new kind
     Ghostbusters II
     Green Beret (Rush'n Attack)
     Green Beret Fenix
     Horace goes skiing
     Jupiter Lander
     Kennedy Approach
     Lunar Lander
     Lunar Lander
     Lunar Lander
     Lunar Rescue
     Magical Tree
     Oil's Well
     Oil's Well (Tubopac)
     Omega Race
     Prison Riot
     Robocop II
     Robotron: 2084
     Robotron: 2084
     Sir Lancelot
     Stop the Express
     The Sentinel (2)
     Wizard of Wor
     Black Cauldron
     Castle Adventure
     Dan Dare
     Danger Mouse
     Dragon Warrior
     Exile (II)
     Ghouls and Ghosts
     Haunted House
     Head over Heels
     Head Over Heels (II)
     Head over Heels 2
     La Abadia del Crimen
     Legend of Zelda
     Barbarian Returns
     Bruce Lee
     Bruce Lee (2)
     Bruce Lee (Ultimate)
     Karate Champ
     Kung Fu Master
     Kung Fu Master 2
     Kung-Fu Master (2)
     Way Of The Exploding Fist
     Who Dares Wins 2
     Wild Streets
     Yie Ar Kung-Fu
     Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2
     Amoto's Puf
     Berzerk (2)
     Crazy Chicken
     Mazogs (and Maziacs)
     Ms Pacman
     Oh Mummy
     Wizard of Wor (2)
     Abusimbel Profanation
     Alex Kidd
     Auf Wiedersehen Monty
     Auf Wiedersehen Monty Christmas Special
     Auf Wiedersehen Monty: On the Run
     B.C.'s Quest for Tires
     Blinky's scary school
     Bomb Jack
     Brian Bloodaxe
     Bubble Bobble
     Burgertime (Burgertimes)
     Camelot Warriors
     Castlevania - Dark Century
     Chuckie Egg
     Chuckie Egg (2)
     Chuckie Egg (3)
     Dizzy Lives
     Dizzy: Excalibur
     Donkey Kong
     Donkey Kong
     Elevator Action
     Finders Keepers
     Fingers Malone
     Fred (aka Roland on the ropes)
     Fred 2 Pyramania
     Ghosts 'n' Goblins
     Great Giana Sisters
     Jet Set Willy
     Jet Set Willy (Willy's Miner Nightmare)
     Jet Set Willy 2006
     Lode Runner
     Lode Runner 2
     Lode Runner Live
     Manic Miner
     Manic Miner II
     Manic Miner III
     Manic Miner IV
     Mario Bros
     Maze of Galious
     Maze of Galious
     Miner 2049er
     Nebulus (Tower Toppler)
     Rick Dangerous
     Rick Dangerous (II)
     Rick Dangerous (III)
     Rick Dangerous (Laos Quest)
     Roland in Time
     Sir Fred
     Sonic Chaos
     Spiky Harold
     Super Mario Bros
     Super Mario Bros.
     Super Mario Bros. (with 2 player mode)
     Super Mario Bros. 2
     Super Mario Bros. 3
     Super Methane Brothers
     Super Obliteration
     Technician Ted
     Technician Ted (The return of)
     The Goonies
     Turmoil (2)
     Turrican 32k
     Turrican Hurrican
     Turrican WindStille
     Wonderboy III The Dragon's Trap
     Xain'D Sleena
Pong Style
     Bomber Dash
     Boulder Dash
     Boulder Dash
     Bubble Ghost
     Go Bear Go!
     Guru Logi Champ
     King's Valley
     King's Valley (Telos)
     King's Valley II
     Locomotion (2)
     Puyo Puyo (Magical Feeling)
     Rise Out
     Sensitive (2)
     Sensitive (3)
     Soko-Ban Armageddon
     Sokoban (2)
     Sokoban (3)
     Sorcerer Lord
     The Sentinel
     Afterburner (Master Burner)
     F-1 Spirit
     Out Run
     Super Cars
     Super Mario Kart
     Tranz Am
     1942 (World War 2)
     Asteroids (2)
     Asteroids (3)
     Asteroids (4)
     Centipede (Millenipede)
     Demon Attack
     Galaxian (2)
     Nemesis (Gradius)
     Nemesis online (Gradius)
     Raid on Bungeling Bay
     Rip Off
     River Raid
     Scramble (2)
     Scramble (3)
     Scramble (4)
     Space Invaders
     Space Invaders (2)
     Space Invaders (3)
     Space Invaders (4)
     Space Invaders 1978
     Yar's Revenge
Tetris Clones
     9T Lines Tetris
     Columns X
     Tetris Pro
     Tetris Queen